Patient Information to Help You Understand Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and Your Treatment With ELMIRON® (pentosan polysulfate sodium)



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Patient Education Flyer

This flyer provides educational information about IC and treatment with ELMIRON®.

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Journey to Relief ® Easy to enroll and absolutely FREE

This e-newsletter series offers helpful guidance as you are starting treatment. It delivers information about living with IC, lifestyle tips, resources, and money-saving offers right to your in-box.

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IC Diet Guide

A handy guide to help you make “IC-smart” meal choices.

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ELMIRON® Patient Brochure

Provides an overview of IC, information on what to expect from ELMIRON®, and tips for getting the most out of treatment.

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Symptom Journal

Record your IC symptoms when you begin treatment and over time.

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