Speaking With Your Doctor

The symptoms of IC may be similar to other conditions. Since they may get worse over time, the sooner you speak with a doctor the better.

Since misdiagnosis of IC is common, you may consider going to a urologist or an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN). These two types of specialists tend to be most familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of IC due to their specialized clinical experience.

Preparing for your doctor visit

Bringing the following information may help your doctor evaluate your symptoms.

  • Complete the IC Symptom Questionnaire

    Although it can't formally diagnose IC, completing the IC Symptom Questionnaire can help your doctor evaluate your symptoms.
  • Track Your Symptoms

    You should also make note of the severity and frequency of your symptoms. Using a Symptom Journal is a quick and easy way to track information that may be helpful to your doctor.

If the diagnosis is IC

Asking your doctor some questions may help you better understand your condition which, in turn, may help you and your doctor better manage it. Here are a few questions to consider asking:

  • What is causing my pain?
  • How did I get IC? Is it hereditary?
  • Will IC affect my sex life?
  • Is there a cure for IC?
  • How effective are IC treatments?
  • Could ELMIRON® help treat my symptoms?
  • Which trigger foods should I avoid?

Take the IC Symptom Questionnaire

Pelvic pain? Frequent urination? Pain during or after sex?

Treatment May Help

ELMIRON® is a prescription medicine indicated to treat bladder pain or discomfort associated with IC.

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